Work With Us

Anne & Quinn Kirkpatrick of Small Wonders PhotographyPost college, both of us felt strongly about being in careers we loved and cared about—but neither of us felt we had found our true callings.

Quinn always loved photography and has a degree in his field from SIU in Carbondale, IL. He had always created photos of landscapes and still lifes—and some portraits—but only as a hobby. For years, (before the digital revolution) he was a lab manager and spent many hours in the dark room, producing high-end prints for other artists.  When our friends began having children, he began creating beautiful portraits of their babies. One of the very first infants he ever photographed is now a teenager.

When our own son was born in 2002, he became Quinn’s muse, and friends and family kept telling him he should “do this as a career”.  As fate would have it, the door of his lab career shut, and in 2003, Small Wonders began to become a reality. Quinn began photographing babies, children, families and an occasional wedding–then high school seniors.  The business grew so fast, it was hard to keep up.  So in 2006, I decided to leave my position as a copywriter for a local advertising agency and join Quinn in the studio. My background in writing, marketing and p.r. (degree in English from Augustana College) was a good fit as his business partner. Plus I had schlepped plenty of equipment during my advertising days!

People wonder how we manage to be happily married and work together.  The truth is we both truly love what we do. This is our dream job. It happened for a reason, and we are thankful.  I always remind Quinn that what he does is so important, not just because he creates beautiful images, but because he’s also a part of people’s history, preserving those wonderful, bittersweet, fleeting days of childhood and young adulthood.

We can’t imagine doing anything else.

“We have been working with Quinn and Anne since our first child was a newborn.  He is now 3 1/2 and every time he picks up a camera he says “I’m Quinn!”. They put our kids at ease, allowing their true spirits to shine.  Quinn’s pictures are AMAZING and capture the essence and individuality of each of our children perfectly.  We look forward to continuing to fill our home with his beautiful photographs!” ~ Briana and Marty