The Small Wonders Wedding

Telling the story of your wedding day through documentary-style photography.

So what’s the difference between documentary-style wedding photography and everyone else? Well, the difference is in the story telling. It’s photography that’s all about observation not orchestration. The images need to have context and tell a story to the viewer.

It’s about following you through your wedding day and capturing the moments as they unfold. It’s about showing the emotion of the day in “real time” instead of posed images. And it’s about the PEOPLE. The emotion between the bride and groom. The joy of the guests; the pride and happiness of the parents. The kids dancing and playing at the reception. Small Wonders’ approach to style can best be called unobtrusive. Photographer Quinn Kirkpatrick follows his instincts and his heart. When you look at your wedding photos, Small Wonders wants you to truly relive that day—after your 1st anniversary and after your 50th.

Some common questions that come up when asked about Small Wonders’ style…

  • Will I get detailed shots of my dress and wedding decorations? Absolutely. Quinn loves documenting the bride and the groom as they get ready. Some brides like hair and makeup details, some prefer mostly dress and veil images. Quinn will document all the details as the day progresses. Flowers, arrangements, candles, cake and cocktails…the beauty of the day will be fully documented.
  • Will I get any formals? Yes, Quinn appreciates that most weddings do need some formal photography of the bride and groom, the wedding party and the family. But his motto is “less is more” when it comes to staging. Too much time on the formals takes away from the spontaneity of the day.

Rates begin at $1,500 for 5 hours of coverage.