Renascentwood photo shoot

Quinn just started a new personal project that has been swirling around in his head for the better part of a year. He wanted to do a photo project showing local artisans engaged in their craft. He has a list of people he wants to highlight — one of them being a friend of ours, Becky Wren of Renascentwood. We’ve known Becky since she was a teenager. Her dad and Quinn are fellow bike riders, and we’ve known the family for about 20 years! Becky has always been artistic, and in her new business she creates hand carved spoons, knives and earrings from reclaimed wood. Her pieces are truly unique and beautiful. In a “big box” world, it’s refreshing to see one-of-a-kind, handmade items.

Quinn had a great time hanging out, listening to music and catching up with Becky. He soaked it all in and created these images of our friend and artist.

Be sure to check out Becky’s website and store.

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