Louis and Lori

Quinn met Louis several years ago through a photographer friend. One day he came over to our old house and wanted to check out a bunch of Quinn’s darkroom equipment. We thought he must be a cool kid if he wanted to learn about using a darkroom, so Quinn immediately liked him. Louis ended up purchasing two enlargers, a sinkline — the whole kit and kaboodle, everything he needed to process film and make his own prints. After that, Louis was a regular stop-in on Final Fridays here at Bucktown.

Then one evening, Louis brought a pretty young lady with him to a Final Friday.  Lori happened to be a painter showing some of her work at the former Star Dog studio owned by another friend, Regan Hatfield. Lori and Louis made such a cute couple and it looked like it might be kinda serious.  The rest, as they say, is history. We were honored to be asked to photograph their wedding.  Lori was a beautiful bride, and Louis a dashing groom. Thank you two for having us be a small part of your special day! May you be blessed with many happy years together!