Wedded bliss

As many of you know, Small Wonders took a few years off from photographing weddings. Like many artists, Quinn had to do some soul searching when it came to the art of photography and what he feels he does best. He has always loved candid, in-the-moment photography and has a special love of black and white. This most likely comes from his darkroom days and the many black and white images he processed the “old fashioned” way for many years. Now he dodges and burns digitally to get just the right black and white that resembles images shot on film from “back in the day”.

Mid-last year, Quinn decided that he wanted to go back to his roots and begin shooting weddings again — his way. This means mostly unposed, documentary-style images as the day unfolds. Along with this decision process, Quinn also decided to change to a camera that goes back to the roots of film cameras, and decided on the innovative Fuji X-Series. There’s something about the image quality that harkens back to the cameras of the 1970s, with more dials, less buttons and an amazing image quality. I, too was on board after seeing the Fuji in action. Going from Cannon to Fuji was kind of a big leap, but a great decision.

When Quinn met with Amy and Ryan to talk about their wedding, they emphasized their love of the photo journalistic genre and black and white images. So it was a photography love-match, and Quinn was so pleased to be able to show off the style he loves so much. Here are a few images from Amy and Ryan’s day. You’ll recognize some great QC locations — the Hotel Blackhawk, Mac’s Tavern and St. Ambrose Chapel to name a few.  Congrats to a lovely couple, and here’s to many more Small Wonders weddings!  –Anne