Logan is One

This is Logan. Our son likes to call him “Logie.”  He is my nephew, and he is such a good baby. He’s a quiet observer of things, and winning a smile from him is definitely an achievement. This smile was attained by saying his big brother’s name. He definitely loves his Charlie. He’s one of those babies who just searches your face for the answers of life. He studies his Yia Yia’s face looking at every line as if he’s wondering about her story, who she is. Yia Yia is 82 and takes this in stride, saying things like, “I bet you wonder who this old lady is!” He looks her over for what seems like a long time, and falls fast asleep in her arms. This is one of the benefits of being a Yia Yia. No pressure to get the baby to fall asleep, he just does.

Logan was born a year ago December 17th. His birth was a joy for us during a very dark year. Shortly before he was born, we lost my aunt, who was such an important part of our small family. She was very much looking forward to his arrival and talked to us about him during her time in the hospital. It’s kind of a cliche, but it’s true, you’ve got to take the bitter with the sweet. Logan was our little light in the midst of our loss. We all experienced the first hand feeling of straddling those two worlds that we don’t often think about at the same time: the end of one life, the beginning of another. And that strange in-between where we find ourselves.  As kids, we struggle to understand. As grown ups, we try to soldier on.

The photos that Quinn has taken over this past year are truly a gift. Looking back at Logan’s first year, I find myself smiling. I can feel the heaviness of grief lifting. I can see the joy in all of us because of him.

What else can I say about Logan? We’re glad you’re here, baby. This is the beginning of your own story.

Love, Auntie Anne