Senior Picture Post!!! Liam has been in our family life for a long, long time! He has been a friend of our son for such a long time! It was an honor to spend some quality time with this young man! Such a great person and great family! Can’t wait to see where Liam goes!


Amelia & Jesse

Every once in a while you get a wedding where everything clicks.  Good people, amazing food (Lemongrass Cafe), and great music.  The Holy Grail of great wedding photography!  Thank you for the opportunity Amelia and Jesse! I truly enjoyed being a part of your special day.


Hannah & Paul

Hannah & Paul had a snowy cold day for their wedding day, but that did not dampen the spirit of the day!  I have been photographing Hannah and her siblings for 12 years and was honored to be asked to be their wedding photographer!  Happy time ahead!