Brandi & Jason

I will be photographing this fantastic couples wedding this weekend.  I designed a sign in book using their engagement session images and had to share them with everyone. 

Jordan and Will

Jordan and Will had a beautiful day for their wedding. I love it when everything comes together and the day is perfect for an outdoor wedding. It was held at Quarters One on Arsenal Island, and from what I was told, this would be the very first wedding on the front lawn inside the circle drive. We would then move on the Blackhawk Hotel for the reception. Congratulations to the happy couple!



The Sands of Time!

You know you’ve been in business a while when you realize the oldest of these three siblings is a year away from having his 10th high school reunion!  These 3 awesome young people were among my all-time favorite sessions. They were enthusiastic and had specific ideas of what they were trying to achieve. Love it! Great to see you Joe ’08, Jasmine ’14 & Janiece ’17!